Do you love art? Do you love GIFs? You must see turst67’s (juliendouvier on Tumblr) animated photography!

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Curiosities: The Legend of Zelda Original Concept Art


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Burning Man 2014: Spectacular Photos of the Annual Festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert

awesome stuff B)

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Awesome Robo!: Tobi - The Art Of Japanese Construction Wear

Ace japanese construction wear B) lovin dem tobis

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Stabs & Snipes //

Quick personal piece of my main ladies, Tripp and Imani! I can’t say enough good things about the character designs from my coworkers here at Motiga. Every hero looks like the embodiment of what they do, and the natural diversity of cast is a point of pride.


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artist: S-Lpis

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destiny concept art <3

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